Mardin, Turkey – A Romantic Getaway

by Ana

It took me a while to persuade my boyfriend to visit Mardin with me. In the East of Turkey and close to the Syrian border, Mardin has always been a “no-go” place for most foreign embassies and a city that even many Turks avoid. But despite its bad propaganda, Mardin is an absolute gem and a must-see in Turkey. I absolutely loved it and he did too!


visit Mardin


Ilkay laughed at me the first time I mentioned that I wanted our first romantic trip to be to Mardin.

  • “Mardin? Romantic? Are you serious?” he complained.
  • “Well, I am sorry, but you know I’m not a big fan of Paris or such places. Mardin has been on my bucket list forever, and being small, beautiful, and remote, I don’t see why it’s not perfect for our first trip together.” I replied.
  • “But most people in Turkey think it’s unsafe.

That still didn’t convince him, and I thought I would have to visit Mardin on my own, just as I had traveled to other places in the past. However, a few days later, after we had a small fight and I was a little upset, I received a sweet Whatsapp message from him that said: So, when do we book our tickets to Mardin?”  He had accepted the idea and I was thrilled! We booked our tickets and a beautiful Airbnb accommodation that same week.


Eski Mardin

The saffron-colored town of Mardin was constructed on a hill.



“Babe, why do you always like such places?”


Yes, that is a question that my boyfriend, my family, and some of my friends ask me all the time. In this particular case, my question to them would be: what it is not to like about Mardin? The saffron-colored town, constructed on a hill, is full of beauty, history, and stunning architecture. Besides that, from Mardin and its many rooftops, you can also enjoy the incredible views of the vast plains that surround it and go back in time to the lands that were once part of Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization.


Mardin views

Mardin views and architecture are incredible!

Views of the plains from one of the Mardin rooftops.

Views of the plains from one of the Mardin rooftops.


Best Things To Do in Mardin, Turkey


I regret that we could only spend a long weekend in Mardin and didn’t have much time to explore it all and visit other interesting cities in the East of Turkey (such as Şanliurfa or Gaziantep). However, we still had time to visit Mardin and some other amazing places nearby (like Midyat and Mor Gabriel). Here you have some ideas for your trip to Mardin:


01 | Get lost in Eski Mardin


Just wander around the old town of Mardin and enjoy the incredible views, the stunning architecture, the narrow walkways, the tiny ancient doors, the old limestone houses, the gorgeous stray cats, the children playing soccer, and more…

The old town is hilly and full of stairs, but if you get tired, you can always take a break in one of the many Mardin rooftop cafes. Drink a Turkish coffee or a çay (Turkish tea) while listening to the call of the muezzin and enjoying the stunning views of Mardin and beyond.


Ancient door in Mardin

One of the many ancient doors in Mardin.

02 | Enjoy fantastic food


We were lucky that our vegan Airbnb hosts gave us advice about the best places to eat in Mardin. These are the places we tried and enjoyed. As a non-meat-eater, my options were limited, but everything I tried was delicious!

Cercis Murat konağı


Seyr-i Merdin

Beyzade Konağı Kahvaltı  (this one is the best for a traditional breakfast!)


03 | Dance at a Sıra gecesi (Sıra night)


At night, we went to Antik Sur Restaurant, where we attended a sıra gecesi. Sıra night is a show where people gather together to eat, drink and listen to traditional music from the region. It was a lot of fun, with an abundance of loud and cheerful singing and dancing.


04 | Visit Midyat


An hour’s drive from Mardin, we also visited the ancient town of Midyat. The historical city has the same colors of Mardin and plenty of Syriac Orthodox churches. The highlight is the old Midyat’s Culture House. The place, where many Turkish soap operas have been filmed, offers great views of the town.


Views of Midyat.

Views of Midyat.



06 | Visit Mor Gabriel


Even though it is literally in the middle of nowhere, Mor Gabriel is worth a visit! Founded in 397, Mor Gabriel is the oldest surviving Syriac Orthodox monastery in the world. The complex is so well preserved that it is hard to believe it is more than 1,600 years old.


Mor Gabriel

Believe it or not, Mor Gabriel is more than 1,600 years old.


Mor Gabriel is still the heart of the Syriac Orthodox Christian community, which has thrived in the region around Midyat for 1,700 years and has found itself attacked and persecuted over centuries. Nowadays, the remaining population in the area may be around only three thousand people.

To get there, I recommend reaching Midyat by public transport and then getting a taxi to Mor Gabriel from Midyat.


Mor Gabriel

Mor Gabriel is the oldest Syriac Orthodox monastery in the world.




Eski Mardin views

Views from Beyzade Konağı Kahvaltı (Eski Mardin)

Where to Stay in Mardin


We were lucky to stay in this incredible Airbnb stone house in the center of the historical town of Mardin. The hosts were wonderful and the place was incredibly unique. I highly recommend this place! If you haven’t used Airbnb yet, feel free to use this link to register and get a 25$ discount.

Other options to stay in Mardin are:

Darius Konağı

Mardius Tarihi Konağı (if you are not on a budget)




How to get to Mardin, Turkey


Pegasus and Turkish airlines offer daily flights from Istanbul to the small airport in Mardin. From there you can take a minibus to the old town of Mardin (3,5 TL) or bargain a taxi (from 50 TL).


Eski Mardin

Views of Eski Mardin (old Mardin).


All in all, Mardin, its surroundings, and its friendly people were just incredible and our trip was a calm and charming escape. Not for one second did we feel that we were in danger. Quite the opposite, away from the crowds, I felt safer than I am in Istanbul. I highly recommend anyone to visit the East of Turkey in order to get a complete picture of the country. What you will experience will most certainly challenge the assumptions and stereotypes!


* Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, if you make a reservation through the links above, I will earn a small percentage. This helps me to keep my website running. I really appreciate your support. Thanks!

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Cristina March 31, 2018 - 12:11

This is the most interesting article I’ve read today! My boyfriend and I are crazy about places like this. I really wanna go there *-* Thank you for sharing!

Veronica May 5, 2018 - 16:51

Me han dado ganas de ir a mi a este lugar. La verdad que no es un país que tenga en mente en este momento pero sin duda tomo nota.

Miranda May 23, 2018 - 14:36

Sitem is teaching me Turkish and she sent me your page – you make it sounds so amazing – very excited about going there with Sitem tomorrow!! Muchas gracias !!

Scott Biales June 20, 2019 - 17:57

Thank you very much for this. My wife and I are in Van and about to head to Mardin. We’ve been traveling for many months and thought about staying in Martin for for five days just to soak up the culture. Do you think this is too long or is it a nice place to spend some time?

Ana July 7, 2019 - 16:11

Hi Scott, apologies for not getting back to you earlier. I hope you enjoyed Mardin, it must be really hot at this time of the year but still beautiful 🙂 I miss Turkey!

Ditchthemap July 24, 2019 - 15:24

We had a great time in the city. We ended up spending 6 days and it was SO VERY HOT but loved every minute (though enjoyed the nights the most). If you get a change take a look at our article that we wrote about our experience in Mardin:

Ana July 28, 2019 - 16:54

I loved your post so much! Thanks for sharing, would love to go back soon and explore more of the ancient Mesopotamia 🙂


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