Exploring the Turquoise Coast: 3 Days in Kaş, Turkey

by Ana

I have always thought Turkey is so underrated. It is true that many tourists visit Istanbul and Cappadocia, but not so many travel to the South where they could find the most impressive beaches in the Mediterranean Sea. Today we will discover Kaş, a hidden gem on the Turquoise Coast.  Keep reading to discover everything you must do if you are spending 3 days in Kaş, Turkey.

Kas, Turkey (Turquoise Coast)


Kaş is a cute little town on the Turquoise Coast of Turkey that occupies the site of the ancient Antiphellos and still retains many of its ruins. But in addition to history, Kaş hosts some of the best beaches in Turkey and the Mediterranean. If you are looking for a laid-back place to rest and enjoy the summer on dreamy crystal-clear beaches, look no further: I’m sure you’ll love Kaş!

Here are some ideas of what you could in Kaş in 3 days and some tips to visit this town and some of the best and unspoiled beaches on the Turquoise Coast.



The Best Things to Do in Kaş, Turkey


Day 01 | Visiting the Town of Kaş and Exploring the Beaches in Limanağzı


Until 1923, Kaş was a Greek shipping-port. Today, it is a picturesque town and a relatively unspoiled resort in the south of Turkey. The center of Kaş is full of instagrammable spots with its whitewashed houses and the purple bougainvillea flowers adorning many of its narrow cobbled streets.


Center of Kas, Turkey (Turquoise Coast)


If the heat allows it, I recommend starting the day with a stroll through the cobbled streets in the center of Kaş. Among colorful little shops, you will find historical ruins such as the Lion’s Tomb dating from the 4th century BC. You should also visit the ancient Hellenistic amphitheater.

After the walk, I am sure you’ll want to cool down at one of the many beaches in Kaş. You can go to the Little Pebble Beach or the Big Pebble Beach in the city of Kaş or, even better, take one of the taxi boats in the port to go to the beaches of Limanağzı. Limanağzı has four beaches: Nuri Beach, Bilal Beach, La Moda Beach and Delos Beach. All of them have a beach club and restaurants where you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas. Taxi boats from Kaş operate from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and the round-trip ticket costs 20TRY.

Nuri Beach, Limanağzı Kas, Turkey


The boats go through the four beaches of Limanağzı and you can choose which one you want to visit. The last time we went, we stayed at Nuri Beach and it was great. The rent of the hammock and umbrella is 40TRY, but that price is deducted from what you pay later for meals and drinks there. It is a beautiful beach with crystal-clear waters and very comfortable facilities.


Day 02 | Doing a Tour in the Sunken City of Kekova and the Ancient Simena (Kaleköy)


Kaş is full of history even down below the water, and Kekova is the proof of that. On this island, there are the remains of an ancient sunken city that was destroyed by earthquakes. Since 1990, Kekova is a protected area, and it is forbidden to enter the island or swim in its waters. However, there are many boat tours that offer a visit to the island. Although you cannot get off the boat to explore Kekova, its turquoise water is so clear that many of the ruins are visible from the surface!


Sunken city of Kekova, Kas Turkey

The sunken city of Kekova, Turkey


Sunken city of Kekova, Kas Turkey


Kekova tours usually leave at 10:00 am from the port of Kaş and include several stops at different points in the sea where you can swim and snorkel. They also stop at the ancient city of Simena (Kaleköy), a picturesque town that hasn’t changed much over the centuries. Here you can walk up to the castle and explore the fortress that dates back to Roman and Byzantine times. With the heat, it is not easy to climb the many stairs to the top of the castle but once in the top, you’ll be rewarded with amazing views of the bay and Kekova worth the sweat.


Kalekoy, Kas Turkey

Views from Simena’s castle (Kalekoy)


Simena, Kaş Turkey

The ancient city of Simena (today Kalekoy)


Kekova tours may not be for everybody because they tend to get crowded, but they are a good option for those who want to swim in crystal clear waters in places that cannot be accessed any other way. An all-day standard tour with multiple swimming stops and lunch included costs 80TRY.


Exploring the Turquoise Coast, Kas, Turkey


Here you have some of the best Kekova tours:



Day 03 | Swimming at the Best Beach in Turkey: Kaputaş Beach


Kaputaş Beach is the most iconic image of the Turquoise Coast and a must-visit in Kaş. Located halfway between Kalkan and Kaş in the middle of a narrow road characterized by its curves and steep cliffs, Kaputaş is relatively remote. This small beach is considered one of the best beaches in Turkey, if not the best. After my last visit, I don’t wonder why. Kaputaş is beautiful not only for its intense turquoise waters but also for the impressive cliffs that frame it. From the road that leads down to Kaputaş Beach, you will get stunning sea views that are worthy of the best postcard!


Kaputas Beach, Kas Turkey

No wonder why Kaputaş is considered the best beach in Turkey.


Kaputas beach, Kas Turkey


The beach is public and protected. Therefore, there are no resorts or restaurants on the Kaputaş Beach. There is only one government bar that offers drinks and fast food at popular prices. You can also rent hammocks and parasols (10TRY per person).


How to get to Kaputaş Beach from Kaş

You have to take a minibus from the Kaş otogar (bus station). A one-way ticket is 8TRY and the trip takes about 20 minutes. There are minibuses to Kaputaş Beach approximately every half hour. Note that to return from Kaputaş to Kaş, the last minibuses pass at 18:35, 19:40 and 22:10. In case of not catching them, you can always take a taxi from Kaputaş to Kaş that costs around 80TRY.


Kaputas beach, Kaş Turkey


Other Things to Do in Kaş, Turkey


If you are lucky enough to stay in Kaş for more than 3 days, there are many other things you can do. For instance, you can do a day-trip to the Greek island of Meis (Kastelorizo) or go hiking through the Lycian way visiting Patara Beach and Xanthos. If you are into extreme sports, you can even do tandem paragliding in Kaş. I didn’t have time to do it in Kaş, but a few years ago I experienced paragliding in Olüdeniz. It was incredible!


Where to Stay in Kaş, Turkey


Last time we visited Kaş, we were lucky to stay at the Hideaway Hotel and I highly recommend it. Hideaway Hotel has rooms with views, great customer service and a fantastic terrace where they serve amazing Turkish breakfasts. Click here to see the latest prices.


Desayuno con vistas en el Hideaway hotel Kas, Turkey

Breakfast with a view in Hideaway Hotel in Kas.


Here are other great options to stay in Kaş are:

Santosa Pension – Santosa is a family business that offers breakfast and delicious dinners on its terrace with views to the sea.

Nur Hotel – This small hotel is just a minute’s walk from the beach and offers rooms with panoramic views of the Greek island of Kastelorizo and the Mediterranean Sea.

Lukka Exclusive Hotel – If you want to treat yourself, this hotel has its own beach, an Olympic-size pool, and rooms with a jacuzzi.


Where to Eat in Kaş, Turkey


I cannot finish this post without recommending two restaurants that I loved in Kaş. The first is the vegetarian restaurant Oburus Momus, full of taste even for non-veggies. On the same street and very close, there is the Sofa Bistro, another restaurant with many vegetarian options (although this restaurant has meals for all kind of audiences). Both are perfect choices for stylish dinners after a tiring day at the beach.


How to Get to Kaş, Turkey


One of the reasons why Kaş does not receive many international visitors may be that the city is not close to an airport. To go to Kaş you can fly from Istanbul to Dalaman or Antalya, but both airports are far away. Dalaman is a little bit closer (two hours by car) so I recommend flying to this new and modern airport. To go from Dalaman to Kaş I recommend hiring a shuttle transfer. Transferbul offers shuttle transfers from Dalaman to Kaş for 60TRY per person and per trip. I used them two times and they were always on time and very professional.


Center of Kas, TurkeyCenter of Kas, Turkey


In short, Kaş and its pristine beaches on the Turquoise Coast are good reasons to visit Turkey. Few places in the world offer such a variety of activities, good cuisine and crystal-clear beaches at reasonable prices. The South of Turkey is a hidden gem and it is worthy to include Kaş and the Turquoise Coast on your itinerary. Do not miss it!



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Ernst Marais September 29, 2018 - 10:06

We really enjoyed Kas.
Thanks for rekindling the memories, a place that we plan to visit again, spending more time there.

We stayed at Santosa Pension – friendly, excellent breakfast, good WiFi.
Coming from South Africa with its weak currency, we are price sensitive.
Santosa was excellent value for money – as is most of Turkey.

Ana October 1, 2018 - 14:19

Hello Ernst, thanks a lot for your comment! I am so glad you enjoyed Kas, I think is one of the best spots in the Mediterranean. I also stayed in Santosa Pension when I visited Kas a few years ago and also loved it! Hope to have you back in Turkey. Best,

Marlene Baldry May 29, 2019 - 15:20

Judging from the comments and photos , this looks like a place for a dream holiday

Ana July 7, 2019 - 16:07

Hi Marlene, it totally is! Come to visit Turkey soon 🙂


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