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Hi! I am Ana, nice to meet you!


I am the founder of www.anianywhere.com. “Ani” because my real name (Ana Sánchez), is too common, and “anywhere” because it sounded good with Ani (and, obviously, because I could be anywhere too!)


This is my in a beach in Bodrum. Turkey. I love beaches and Turkey!

This is me in a beach in Bodrum. Turkey. I love beaches and Turkey!


In this blog, I only write about things I love… Mostly about travel and local life in Istanbul (where I now live).

I owe this wanderlust to my parents, not because they love traveling but quite the opposite, they hate it! They rarely took me anywhere on vacation when I was a child. So, I grew up in a small town in Southern Spain, frustrated and wondering, “is this really everything there is?” Once I was an adult, I flew away.

When I was 20, I took a studying abroad opportunity and moved to Germany, without speaking even a word of German. Five years later, when I was finally fluent and life in Berlin was as easy as it could be, I got bored and packed my stuff again in the search of a new adventure… I spent a couple of months in Istanbul and fell madly in love with the city. Since then, I have come back to Turkey on multiple occasions while always dreaming of leaving everything behind and moving there permanently. In October 2014, I finally decided to go for my dream and quit my job in order to move to Istanbul. But, before moving to Turkey, I took some time off to travel Southeast Asia on my own and build the blog you are now reading.

In this blog, I want to share experiences and tips about the places I love. I hope it will inspire those considering leaving everything behind to go for what really makes them happy, and be useful to foreigners interested in moving to Turkey or really, to anyone looking for travel ideas. I will mostly share personal advices about places I love and some tips regarding local life in Istanbul, the city of my heart. I am very excited that you are now traveling with me, let’s be friends!

Important: I am making the effort of blogging in English to reach as many of you as possible. However, as a non-native English speaker, this is a huge challenge. Please, excuse all my typos and grammar mistakes. I am working hard on getting better…

If you are Spanish speaker, be sure to follow my Spanish blog instead. ¡Gracias!






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