Welcome spring! Istanbul Tulip Festival in Emirgan Park

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If you are visiting Istanbul in April and like me, you are a sun seeker, you are in luck! As you probably have noticed, there are flowers blooming everywhere in the city. But, if what you want is a real tulip treat, you should head to Emirgan Park where the 11th International Istanbul Tulip Festival is currently taking place.


Istanbul Tulip Festival in Emirgan Park.

Istanbul Tulip Festival in Emirgan Park.


Spring is officially here and with the sunshine and the pleasant weather, our city looks even more beautiful than usual. Istanbul is in fact a explosion of color since, as it happens every month of April since 2006, millions of tulips have been planted in parks, avenues and basically anywhere in the city where there was some green available. Although you can see flowers blooming everywhere in Istanbul, if you want a real tulip treat, you should not miss Emirgan Park, where the 11th International Istanbul Tulip Festival is currently taking place.


11. Lale Festivali (11 Istanbul Tulip Festival)


Every year around this time, Istanbul dresses up with millions of tulips of many different kinds and colors. With more than 20 millions of tulips planted, the Istanbul Tulip Festival takes place in many parks along the city (such as Gülhane Parkı, Yıldız Korusu, Beykoz Korusu, Göztepe 60. Yıl Parkı, Büyük Çamlıca Korusu, etc.). However, the best place to experience the Istanbul Tulip Festival is Emirgan Park (Emirgan Korusu). This year almost 3 million tulips of 190 different kinds have been planted there!

Emirgan Parkı is a truly explosion of color

Emirgan Parkı is a truly explosion of color during the Istanbul Tulip Festival!



Tulips came from Turkey, not from Holland

Unlike the common beliefs that associate tulips with the Netherlands, history says that tulips originally grew wild on the Asian steppes and the tulip commercial cultivation actually began in the Ottoman Empire. Tulips were brought to Holland by the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century.

Throughout the history, the tulip has been one of Istanbul’s traditional symbols having a major role in Turkish arts and culture. Called lale in Turkish, tulips even gave its name to the wealthiest period of Ottoman Empire (Lale Devri, the Tulip Era).

For a more elaborated history of the tulip, you can check out Wikipedia’s page on tulips.


Tulips in Emirgan Korusu

Tulips in Emirgan Korusu




How to get to Emirgan Parkı 


The tulip is one of the symbols of Istanbul.

The tulip is one of the symbols of Istanbul.

If you are in Istanbul during the month of April, do yourself a favor and go to see some tulips in Emirgan Park.

The 11th Istanbul Tulip Festival is officially on until April 30th, so you are still on time. If you can, try to avoid going in the weekends when it gets really crowded with locals families and traffic jams make it difficult accessing the park. I would also recommend visiting the at the earliest possible, before the flowers start wilting.

Emirgan Park is located by the Bosphorus, in the district of Sariyer, a little bit past the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge (aka Second Bridge). You can reach Emirgan Park by bus 25E from Kabataş or 40B from Beşiktaş. Another more scenic option is taking the Çengelköy-Istinye ferry line that has a stop in Emirgan and amazing views of the Bosphorus (keep in mind the times the ferry run are very limited).



Emirgan tulips

Emirgan tulips


If you are considering to visit Istanbul, I highly recommend to come in spring when days are long, the weather is really pleasant and you can enjoy the Istanbul Tulip Festival, not to mention the many other things that make this city, at least for me, the most beautiful on earth…




Ana comes from Southern Spain, but you will hardly ever find her there. After a few years living in Germany and Ireland, she found out life without sun was not worthy for her! Now she lives in Istanbul where she teaches Spanish and writes about things she loves.


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